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Entries Close on the 11th June!

Entries for the 2019 event close very soon. Last Day = 11th June!!

Entries open 1st March!

Entries for this years event open on the 1st March. We look forward to receiving them from our regulars and newbies alike. Use the link to Fabian4 to enter online.

Results 2018

Results 2018

Supporting “Light the Lakes” in aid of C.O.P.S.”

The Snowdonia Seven is this year supporting a worthy charitable cause, and one of ‘ours’.  Please read on for a bit about it and how to join in.



I am one of the organising team for a charity event in the Lake district which takes part annually in aid of COPS.

We started it to raise money for the children of one of our DC’s who was sadly killed in a domestic homicide several years ago and have continued each year with the event. C.O.P.S. is now our main charity.

Teams from all over the UK from various other Police forces, businesses and other emergency services take part, which entails teams ascending a selected Wainwright peak and illuminating a blue flair simultaneously at 0300 hrs.

Following this, there is a get together at Brathay Hall in Ambleside which involves a raffle, speeches, bbq and beer. The Ex-Chief Constable of Cumbria is a constant participant at the event. Our main sponsor is Wainwrights brewery….

Several years ago I took part in the Snowdonia 7 challenge for which I think my legs never recovered. This was a great event and I am contacting you to make a request, that you kindly share with any participants of your event that you felt would be interested in taking part.  Obviously we would love a team or three from yourselves to come along too.

If you’d like to know more about the event and join us on the day please visit the link here.    On Facebook   Or to read more about C.O.P.S. visit their website here.



Kind regards,



Temporary Detective Inspector 3084 | Surrey Police


Entries Open for 2018!!!

Online entries are now open for the 2018 event, taking place on the 7th July. 

Go to Fabian4 to enter online and secure your place.


Results for 2017

This year’s race results have finally been posted to the Results page here, apologies for the delay.  The team and checkpoint split times have been included where we have them.

Film of the race 2017

Steve Morris has kindly created another great record of the event with his ever present selfie-stick.  And this time you can see the views!  You can see it here on YouTube – .

Another year over

Another successful event done and dusted.  As in previous years the event came together with the support of dedicated volunteers who brought you the opportunity to experience of the toughest events in the police calendar.

We also managed to bring you some good weather for a change, which came as a surprise to many, especially since there was a distinct lack of sun cream applied in the morning!

The overall win went to Cumbria Constabulary yet again in a solid time of 5hrs 19mins.  The holders of the course record are beginning to make a habit of this, can you come and beat them next year?   Speaking of next year, the 2018 race date has been confirmed, Saturday 7th July.  See you there.

Watch this space for the full results which will be posted as soon as they’re finalised.

Not long to go – final instructions

Well folks, it’s not long to go until this years race.  48 teams at the last count, so it’s looking like there’ll be some strong competition out there.

The pre-race briefing will be on the Friday evening, 1845 for 1900 start, Friday 30th June 2017, at the Community Centre, Llanberis, LL55 4UR (this is Race HQ).


Remember to eat!  There are food outlets in Llanberis, ranging from takeaways, cafes to hotel restaurants.  Pete’s Eats cafe closes at 2000 so don’t leave it till after the briefing.

Remember to pay for your parking in the Centre carpark, and parking by competitors in the race field is not alllowed, as we get into trouble with the owner.

And finally… remember to enjoy the experience.  For some of you there may be some pain and suffering along the way, but the sense of achievement at the finish is a worthy prize. 

Pob lwc i chi gyd / Good luck to you all.

2017 Race Update – entries

As you aware the entry has been open for a number of weeks for this iconic event.  We know that owing to the nature of our job, it’s often difficult to sort out leave and time off, etc.  To allow us to order the correct number of T shirts, mugs, meals, etc., we need to know the number of teams entering as early as we can.  We’d be grateful if teams intending to enter could please do so as soon as possible, or at least indicate their intention to do so.

If you can enter online that would be ideal.

Many thanks, and looking forward to seeing you again in Llanberis.

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