This event requires the goodwill of numerous volunteers, some of whom are helping at the event base in Llanberis, but the large proportion are situated at windswept locations on the hill.

Quite simply the event cannot go ahead without these people; and for sure the marshals’ job is a thankless task. Basically it entails dragging yourself to top of a remote and high mountain summit where you will sit for a number of hours in whatever weather nature decides to throw at you that day. On a good day you’ll get a tan, on a bad one you’ll get soaked, frozen or both!

From your lofty position you’ll have the chance to greet the teams of ever increasingly exhausted competitors as they firstly run, walk, then latterly stagger past you.

Some teams will need cheery encouragement; some will need shouting at for their numbers as they whiz past intent on a prize; whilst others will be told that for them the war is over, as they’ve sadly missed the cut off time!

If you want to get involved as a Marshall please get in touch!