The Snowdon 7s event is organised by a dedicated S7 committee on behalf the North Wales Police Sports Association. The aims of the event are to encourage Fitness, Teamwork and Endurance consistent with safety in the mountains. It should be recognised that travelling in mountainous areas can be hazardous and competitors should not enter without giving due regard to this. Any team that does not include a competitor who has previously completed the event will be expected to evidence a level of ability on the entry form commensurate to the challenge

A Team Safety Briefing will be held at 7pm the evening before the event at the Event HQs.  It is important   that at least one member of each team; ideally the team captain; attends (although it is recommended that every competitor attends this meeting). 

Each team must nominate a captain who should be indicated as such on the disclaimer signed at registration (see 4 below)
Any late changes to rules and the course will be highlighted at the briefings (a map of the course will also be available to view).

The briefing will be held at event HQ (GR581599) and will be attended by the Race Director who is responsible for command and control of the event, and also has responsibility for making any changes necessary to the rules and/or route as in necessary in the interests of safety (this may also in extreme circumstances mean cancelling the event).

Team captains (or representative) MUST register at event HQ prior to 07.45 hrs on the race morning. This will require completion of an event declaration form, which lists the team members and must be signed by every member of the team intending to start the event.
This form is confirmation that the team members listed are taking part in the event. Any discrepancies could lead to unnecessary concerns/searches for that team/team member and as such failing to observe this rule will result in disqualification.


If any Team or Team member withdraws from the Race once they have started, they MUST report to the Event HQs asap once off the mountains, in order that the race organisers can record that they are safe. 

ALL checkpoints must be visited in order, ALL members of the team MUST report at each checkpoint together. Marshals WILL hold individuals at the Checkpoint as appropriate to ensure compliance (failing to observe this rule may also be perceived as a breach of rule 18, with the potential penalty).

For the safety of competitors and marshals, cut off times will be imposed at certain points on the route, these will be firmly enforced. Cut off times may be altered due to weather conditions or the forecast. Teams will be advised before the start of the race if cut off times are changed.
Marshals will inform teams that they are being retired due to them being over the cut off time and competitors will hand their race numbers to the marshals to show that they are no longer part of the event.
Cut off points;

  • Pen Y Pass Car park (GR 647555) 3 hours
  • Llyn y Cwn (GR 637585) 5 hours 30 minutes

Where teams are withdrawn at Pen Y Pass transport will be provided to race HQ.
Where teams are withdrawn at Llyn y Cwn they will be advised to follow a defined ‘escape route’ to the A4086 Llanberis pass, from where transport can be arranged.

The final Cut Off will be Start plus 10 hours … teams returning after the final cut off will NOT be timed and will be considered as DNF (Did Not Finish)

Controlled sections are parts of the route where for safety reasons a specific path must be followed. Teams will be advised, as part of the route map, of controlled sections. Further ‘controlled sections’ may be added, if required, and communicated to the teams at the Team briefings
Failure to keep to the controlled sections will result in time penalties as per Rule 16.
On the approach to CP1 (Snowdon) and CP2 (Crib Y Ddysgl), competitors will face ‘two way traffic’; in such cases those who are still ascending MUST give way to those who are descending.

Other than where the route is a controlled section, competitors may choose their own line between checkpoints.


As Appendix A


  • Be safe – plan ahead and follow any signs
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under close control (due to the arduous nature of the event, it is
    recommended that competitors do not allow dogs to run with them)
  • Consider other people

Any disregard may incur time penalties (rule 16). At the request of the National Park, please do not train over the course route to avoid erosion where there is already heavy use by tourists.


  • All team members to be serving or retired Police Officers, Special Constables, Police Staff, Police Volunteers or any other member of the extended Policing Family (including Military Police).
  • Entry of Force teams is to be on a first-come first-served basis and secured by payment of the appropriate fee. There is no limit on number of teams from each Force, but the organising committee will have discretion to limit team numbers as they see fit in the interest of fairness.

Whilst it is appreciated that circumstances outside of the control of the team can lead to withdrawal of a team entry it must be appreciated that these fees are not used for profit and are fully utilised to fund the event. Regrettably therefore it will not always be possible to provide a refund of fees already paid. This decision will be dependent on when notice of the cancellation is received by the event administrator as follows;

  • More than 8 weeks prior to the published date of the event- Full Refund
  • Between 4 and 8 weeks prior to the event- 50% reduction in entry for following year

Less than 4 weeks notice- No refunds/reductions can be promised*
*Where extraordinary circumstances exist (e.g. unplanned major operational demands) the event committee will consider applications for a full/partial refund or reduction in entry for the following year, but only after the event has been completed.

All teams are eligible for the Open Event.

  • WOMEN’S EVENT – A team consisting of four female members.
  • MIXED TEAM EVENT – Team to consist of at least two female members.
  • VETERAN EVENT – One team of four named members, each of whom have attained the age of 40 years on the day of the event
    SUPER VETERAN EVENT – One team of four named members, each of whom have attained the age of 50 years on the day of the event

  • COMPOSITE TEAMS – Composite teams may be made up of representatives from difference Forces. However, for the purpose of the competition they will not be placed. They will receive certificates if they complete the course.

Competitors must wear suitable windproof/wicking clothing. Competitors are advised against wearing cotton garments (even over the top of suitable clothing) as they retain moisture, becoming heavy and wet and increasing the risk of hyperthermia.
Appropriate footwear must be worn; this includes mountain boots or recognised fell running shoes/boots. Flat trainers are not acceptable.
In addition, each member must either carry or wear:-
A suitable rucksack or bum-bag large enough to properly carry the following:-

  • Waterproof jacket and over-trousers.
  • Windproof trousers (tracksters are considered suitable) and long sleeved top.
  • A spare long sleeved top.*
  • Gloves or mitts.
  • Balaclava or hat.
  • A working torch or head-torch, suitable for navigation at night.
  • A working whistle.
  • A working compass.
  • Pencil and writing paper.
  • O.S. Map (untrimmed) Sheet 115 or Explorer / Land ranger 17.
  • Substantial emergency rations of minimum weight 1/2 lb (226.7 g).
  • A liquid container of at least 500ml capacity, full at start of race.
  • Survival bag which a person can get inside. Reflective blankets are not acceptable.
  • First Aid pack of adhesive plaster dressings, one full roll of 2” bandage and one 3” wound dressing.
  • Mobile phone (Number to be added to the team list)

IN ADDITION, each TEAM must carry one full roll 3” crepe bandage, two 6” wound dressings and two triangular bandages.

* competitors starting the event in vests or T shirts will therefore also be required to carry two (2) long sleeved tops.
***The Registration/declaration form certifies that each team member is equipped as per the rules and is aware that participation is at their own risk.

 Kit checks will occur at the Finish, and there may be spot checks en-route, any deficiencies in equipment will incur penalties (rule 16).

The use of GPS is considered to be contrary to the spirit of the event and the use to gain an unfair advantage would be subject to a time penalty (Rule 16). However, in the interests of safety teams will be permitted to carry such devices should they be required in an emergency. However, to ensure that such devices are only used in such circumstances the following restrictions will apply;

  • GPS units must be sealed prior to the event in a tamperproof bag (similar to a sealable evidence bag!).
  • Batteries for the units must be outside of the bag.

(Team members are also required to carry a mobile phone as an additional safety measure- but are reminded that coverage is not guaranteed along the whole of the course.  In the spirit of the event, these should not be used as GPS and anyone found to be using one in these circumstances will be subject to time penalties.).

Team numbers will be clearly displayed at all times to aid the job of the checkpoint marshals. At least one team member MUST have the team number displayed to the front. Numbers will be returned at the finish.

Time penalties will be incurred for the following infringements:

  • Failure to wear / have any prescribed article of clothing or equipment at the time of spot/finish check.
  • Carrying/using proscribed article.


Deviation from controlled sections, climbing walls or fences or disregard of Country Code.
Objections concerning any competitor(s) must be reported to the Race Organisers prior to 1800 hours on the day of the race.

Teams, or individual members, must report to the nearest checkpoint if any/all of the team wish to withdraw from the event.
If a team wishes to drop a member at a checkpoint, it is at the marshal’s discretion as to whether you may leave them there or not. The marshal will base their decision upon various factors such as the location, condition of the individual, weather, time of day, etc.
The marshal may insist that the remaining team take responsibility for their member for getting them to a different location (e.g. a different checkpoint) place where they can be safely left.
It is important that any withdrawn member or team  report in person to the event HQ so that it can be confirmed that they have returned safely, otherwise search and rescue operations may be wastefully started FAILURE TO OBSERVE THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN THE DISQUALIFICATION OF OTHER TEAM MEMBERS AND PROHIBITION FROM ENTERING IN FUTURE.
Where one of the team withdraws in accordance with the requirement above, the remaining three members may continue; however due to safety concerns, where two members withdraw the remaining two MAY NOT continue.
Any individuals insisting upon continuing alone or in a pair MUST allow the marshal to mark their number as withdrawn and acknowledge they will no longer be part of the event, and do so at their own risk. They will not be counted at checkpoints and will advise marshals that they are not part of the event to avoid confusion.
It is essential for team members safety that the organisers know who is left on the mountain, they also have a duty to be able to state to Mountain Rescue exactly who we have remaining on the mountain as part of our event.
We cannot stop individuals walking the route by themselves; so we would be grateful if you would please assist us in this regard.

Injured team members WILL NOT be left alone on the mountain. Where possible a casualty should be assisted to the nearest Checkpoint/First Aid post, where a team member MUST remain with them until assistance/rescue has been completed. Where the casualty cannot be moved, one team member MUST remain with them whilst the other(s) in the team report to the nearest Checkpoint/First Aid Post. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THIS RULE ENTAILS AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION AND PROHIBITION ON FUTURE ENTRY.
Checkpoint/First Aid post marshals have the discretion to withdraw an individual from the event if in their opinion it would be unsafe to allow that person to continue.

A team will/may be disqualified/withdrawn for breaching any of the following rules:

  • Rule 4 (Registration)
  • Rule 5 (Checkpoints)
  • Rule 6 (Time limit)
  • Rule 17 (Withdrawal of Teams)
  • Rule 18 (Casualties)

To qualify for placing, all four members of any team must finish together. Three members of a depleted team may finish the course together to qualify for a certificate only. Time will be taken from the last team member crossing the finishing line. All finishers MUST report to one of the event organisers (who will be wearing identification).
The presentation will occur at 1900hrs on the evening of the event, at a location to be notified. This will include a hot buffet.

  • The winning team in the Open Event will be presented with the Open Trophy, to be retained for a period of one year.
  • The winning team in the Women’s Event will be presented with the Chief Constable David Owen Trophy to be retained for a period of one year.
  • The winning team in the Mixed Event will be presented with the Mixed Trophy to be retained for a period of one year.
  • The winning team in the Veteran Event will be presented with the Veteran Trophy to be retained for a period of one year.
  • The winning team in the Super Veteran Event will be presented with the Sir Philip Myers Trophy to be retained for a period of one year

All competitors enter accepting that the decisions of the Timekeepers, Marshals and Organisers are final.

  SNOWDEN 7’s ROUTE                                                               APPENDIX A
  i) Victoria Terrace, Llanberis. Cattle grid at start G.R. 580594 (O.S. Sheet 115) – follow Llanberis path to
  Snowdon Summit CHECKPOINT 1 G.R. 609543 (Note: Café out of bounds)
  Crib-y-Ddysgl CHECKPOINT 2, G.R. 610551 to:
  Llyn Glaslyn (near old ruin) G.R. 617547 CHECKPOINT 3/FIRST AID
  Pen-y-Pass car park G.R. 647555 CHECKPOINT 4: (cut off time
  Cross the road and over stile at the right (east) of the Youth Hostel. This is the route you must use. Do not turn right down the road towards Pen Y Gwryd unless directed otherwise by a marshal. (END CONTROLLED SECTION) to:
  Miners Track Waterfall, G.R. 667574 CHECKPOINT 5 to:
  Glyder Fach (near Cantilever Stone), G.R. 657583 CHECKPOINT 6 to:
  Glyder Fawr, G.R. 642579 CHECKPOINT 7 to:
  Llyn-y-Cwn, G.R. 637585 AID POINT (cut off time 13.30hrs)
  Y Garn, G.R. 630595 CHECKPOINT 8 to:
  Foel Goch, G.R. 628611 CHECKPOINT 9 to
  Elidir Fawr, G.R. 611613 CHECKPOINT 10 to
  Metal bridge at G.R. 608596 (foot of Elidir) (START CONTROLLED SECTION through Fron Farm) to:
  At single track metaled Road turn right. From this point the route is marked with red and white tape and takes you through a fern field over the top of a rock outcrop and down towards the main road. 
  Main road A4086 (GR600587) and turn right towards Llanberis village.
  Follow the footpath on the right hand side of the road A4086 going in the direction of Llanberis, after approx. 1 mile an entrance on the right hand side leads into Padarn Castle (please see below where the red line is marked on the map, this route will be marked on race day), follow the footpath going to the left of the castle before dropping down onto the unclassified road opposite the recycling centre. At this point turn right follow the road to the T junction at this point turn left, after a hundred yards or so the route goes over a small footbridge on the left, the community centre field is ahead.