Online Entries for 2022 open on 1st March. We will be restricting entries to 200 runners / 50 teams.

Online entry via Fabian4 – HERE

Entry fee this year remains at £35 per person making the total cost of £140 per team.

This follows an increase a few years ago which was the first in over 10 years, this is due to the rise in the merchandise and organisational costs. We hope you agree this still remains excellent value for money as each competitor receives a quality T-shirt, slate coaster, mug and post-race meal as well as the opportunity to take part in a well organised mountain race.


Entry Requirements

Due to the nature of the event, any team without at least one member who has previously completed the race must be able to provide some evidence of their suitability.  Evidence might include successful completion of a category ‘A Long’ fellrace, mountain marathon, long distance orienteering, etc.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the course is entirely unmarked, and it is no exaggeration to say that in thick mist you can become very disorientated, particularly on the second half of the course (Glyderau range).  Even on the first half (Snowdon range) people have been known to go wrong, and that’s on one of the most heavily walked mountains in the world.

This is definitely NOT a ‘turn up and have a go’ type event.  Even the most experienced have found themselves misplaced due to fatigue and thick mist where you cannot see further than a few feet.

You may be fit for road marathons, but if you don’t have experience of off-road and steep ground events you will find it much tougher over the same distance.  Add to this the navigational factor, and it becomes a proper challenge if no one in your team has a clue!

If none of you have the requisite skills then you need to be able to satisfy us that you have at least plan to achieve some skills by race day. 

Remember this event is a test of fitness, teamwork and mountaincraft.  One of you needs some of the latter.