Kit List (Dress and Equipment)

Appropriate footwear must be worn; mountain boots or fell running shoes. Flat running trainers are not acceptable.

In addition, each member must wear or carry the following:

  • Full leg covering.
  • Long sleeved top.
  • Spare long sleeved top.*
  • Waterproof jacket and over-trousers.
  • Gloves.
  • Hat.
  • Working torch (suitable for navigation at night).
  • Working whistle.
  • Working compass.
  • Pencil and writing paper.
  • Map (untrimmed)O.S. OL17 1:25K or 115 1:50K; Harvey: Snowdonia North 1:25K or 1:40K.
  • Emergency rations of minimum weight 225g (1/2 lb).
  • A liquid container minimum 500ml capacity, full at start of race.
  • Survival bag which a person can get fully inside. Foil Blankets are not acceptable.
  • First Aid pack of – adhesive plasters, 1 x full roll No.5 (5cm / 2”) wide bandage, 1 x No.8 (8cm / 3”) absorbent wound dressing.  1 x triangular bandages.
  • Mobile Phone Competitors are required to carry a fully charged mobile phone as an additional safety measure, however coverage is not guaranteed.


Competitors starting in vest or T shirt are required to carry both long sleeved tops (non-cotton).

Registration/Declaration forms certify that each Team member is equipped as per the rules and is aware that participation is at their own risk.
Pre-start and on-course spot checks (for which time allowances will be awarded) may occur.
Full kit checks will occur at the finish. Deficiencies in equipment will incur penalties